Michael Patrick Carroll
New Jersey - 25th District

Cut Taxes Cut Spending Stop Borrowing

The Taxpayer's Strongest Ally
  • Experienced: 16 Years in Office
  • Responsible: New Jersey’s Most Conservative Legislator
  • Never voted for a single tax increase
  • Opposed every Bloated Democratic Budget
  • Defeated Gas Tax Increase, Saving Taxpayers Billions
  • Defeated HOV Lanes
  • Opposed Highlands Act Land Grab
  • Opposed Taxpayer Funding of Abortions
Freedom & Prosperity Platform
  • Abolish Unaffordable Housing Mandates
  • Abolish The Death Tax
  • Repeal The Highlands Act
  • Defend Second Amendment Rights
  • Repeal Every Single McGreevey/Codey/Corzine Tax Increase
  • Abolish All "Affirmative Action" Programs
  • Prohibit All Borrowing Without Voter Approval
  • Mandate Legislative Super-Majorities to Increase Taxes
  • Reform School Aid, Providing Equal State Funding to Every Child
  • Withdraw From RGGI, NJ's expensive cap and trade program
  • Repeal Special interest prevailing wage laws which costs taxpayers billions
  • Repeal Binding arbitration which drives up property taxes with bloated contracts
  • Amend Kyleigh's Law to remove requirement that holder of a special learner's permit, examination permit, and probationary driver's license display decal